• This growing community was founded by Jenny Grainger in Belfast in 2005

    with the intention of providing monthly meetups for those of us who want to live a more positive and conscious life. We now have over

    6000 members

    across the North and South of Ireland, with active groups in Dublin, Newry, Galway, Belfast and Cork - and we also run Special Events for International Speakers. The intention behind this open group is to bring people together - from all different backgrounds, who wish to live more positive and conscious lives.

    Our meetings are open to anyone who is interested in living a more

    positive, conscious and inspired life

    and connecting with new like-minded friends. We aim to create

    a positive antidote

    to the negativity and stress that affecst seems to surround us in society at the moment - and to provide a place where you can come once a month to hear some

    inspirational speakers,

    soak up some positive energy and meet uplifting people.