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    Special Events

    REDEFINE SUCCESS FOR 2019 with Eoin Scolard (Newry)
    Friday 25 January 2019, 19:00 - 21:30



    Do you feel that, in some aspect(s) of your life, you somehow don’t measure up?

    Are you chasing after something that you don’t ever really get?

    Do you compare yourself a lot?


    If  so, then it’s likely that ( just like a computer) your programming is suspect

    and you need to look at that.

    We’re all programmed to want something called Success,

    but we’ve never really delved into what that might mean.


    So, what does Success mean for you?

    In your relationships?

    In your career?

    In your health?

    In your life?

    Have you ever thought about it?

    Could it be possible that you’ve somehow taken on a version of success

    that actually doesn’t suit you?


    Join Eoin Scolard for a full two and a half hour workshop about SUCCESS,

    and what it means –

    FOR YOU.

    It really will set you free to be your best Self in 2019.



    Having studied positive psychology, energy medicine and human potential for nearly 30 years Eoin Scolard is living evidence of the benefits of what he teaches - Holistic Intelligence (HQ for short).  

    Eoin's passion is to teach others how to optimise their energy and stay vibrant, passionate and fulfilled. Most of his work focuses on the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, because he firmly believes that concepts are of no use unless they are grounded and integrated into the fabric of our lives.

    Eoin's first book "The Possibility Exists" was recently published and he is also the creator of THE HQ PROCESS, a five month journey that participants have described as "utterly life-changing on all levels!" In addition, Eoin is the founder and co-owner of Source Wellbeing Centre, a pioneering move and the first centre of its kind to open in Belfast. 

    After leaving his role as Financial Director in the corporate world more than 15 years ago, Eoin studied and qualified in many energy and psycho-therapeutic modalities. He has been described as a “nurturing presence” and “full of wisdom”, and he is equally at home presenting to hundreds of people or facilitating a small intimate group. His work is a potent mix of positive psychology, presence, somatic and experiential work - and, of course, his famous Rule No. 6 - "Don't take it too seriously!" 

    Eoin lives in France but returns each year to Ireland and the UK. Find out more at eoinscolard.com, or follow him on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

    COST: £25 per person or 2 for £40

    CANCELLATION POLICY:  We offer a 75% refund up until 24 hours before the event.  No refunds after that time.

    Registrations are now closed
    Location Synge & Byrne Cafe
    6A Sugar Quay
    Co Down
    BT35 6HZ
    Northern Ireland
    028 3026 7272