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    Special Events

    From Wednesday 28 October 2020
    To Sunday 01 November 2020



    Join Miranda Macpherson from the comfort and safety of your own home for this 5 day virtual retreat called

    SHELTERING IN GRACE: Deep Inner Nourishment for Changing Times which will be delivered via Zoom.


    Click here to watch a short video introduction from Miranda.


    "It is a rare treat to be able to be in your own home, to not have to pack or drive or fly, and have the incredible teachings of a teacher like Miranda Macpherson come through as clearly and powerfully as if they were in person. The growth, the expansion, and the whole experience were priceless. Thank heavens she doesn't charge us what she's worth. The fee for the Retreat was so reasonable, and for that I am so grateful!! I cannot recommend the teacher and her teachings enough!!!!"

    Participant on Virtual Home Retreat, May 2020



    As these challenging, uncertain times continue, we need the resources that spiritual practice provides. Now is an important time to open to the subtle but substantial forces that are always available to help us stay calm amidst the chaos, regenerate deeply, and grow more spiritually resilient. This provides the capacity to be graceful with uncertainty and respond with wisdom to the challenges and the opportunities of our times.

    This five-day retreat delivered by Zoom in the comfort and safety of your own home, is dedicated to helping you to drink more substantially from the inner stream of Grace that is always flowing, even with Covid19, financial instability and social unrest in our midst. And, for those of us in the USA, with a pivotal presidential election coming up on 3 November giving priority to our spiritual practice and a retreat specifically designed to help plug you into the supply of deep love, peace, clarity, strength and joy is about the very best thing we could be going (and then voting of course). 

    Together, we will shelter not just physically in one place, but in GRACE – letting loving presence nourish and pervade our whole being, so we can be flexible with the winds of change, and open to new depths of awareness and possibility.  

    Location Online via Zoom

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