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    Special Events

    From Sunday 28 March 2021
    To Sunday 11 April 2021




    Join Dr Julie Brown Yau from the comfort and safety of your own home for this 3 part webinar series which will be delivered via Zoom.


    Join Dr Julie as she unites two powerful and transformative paths that can free you from the pain of developmental trauma, while deepening your potential of awakening. Drawing from her knowledge of Depth Psychology and Trauma, and the Tantric tradition of Sri Vidya, Dr Julie will guide you through a deep practice that supports the resolution of developmental wounds, while nurturing the Divine within.

    The Embrace of a Fierce Mother is an unique course unifying healing trauma with spiritual practice. These are challenging times; extraordinary means of healing and practice are called for. Our practice will connect you to a fierce form of the Divine feminine. She is not for the faint-of-heart, yet her merciful compassion will hold you through your challenging traumas and tumultuous emotions. You do not need to be a part of any tradition to join, nor do you need to be currently working with healing trauma. The practices are powerful in their own right. The Divine feminine energy, or Shakti, we will connect with, will hold you in a way that allows you to go much deeper within, and to know yourself in quite a different way. This recognition and knowing is an entry to gnosis.

    At the root of most trauma is the sense of separation and aloneness, of being unmet in ways that felt threatening, resulting in us giving up our unity to save ourselves. Our course looks at returning to a sense of wholeness and the love that we are. The human body is where trauma is stored; in Sri Vidya, the body is the temple of spiritual unfoldment. We will address both. Through our practice we will attune to the energies of the body, including emotions, we can re-calibrate our energies and subtle anatomy, attuning to the to the more fluid and natural cycles of healing, breaking open our hearts to know ourselves as love.


    Location Online via Zoom

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